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By Rick Mealy

Many labs dread an audit and are relieved when the auditor leaves.  Audits should not end that way, and there are things you can do to minimize what ultimately appears on your audit report.   I will never forget a two-day audit I once performed at a small commercial lab in Michigan that was seeking Wisconsin certification.  On the morning of the second day, I noticed a trash receptacle overflowing with crushed beer cans.  I asked about it and was told that staff were so devastated by my findings the first day that they just sat in the main area after I left and drowned their sorrows.  That bothered me, so I asked if we could talk about that.  It turned out that they were actually agreed with my findings but were disappointed in themselves.  With a little work, the lab eventually received certification, but that scene and my impact on the lab staff was indelibly stamped on my memory.


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Coliform testing for WWOA

12/6/2021: Technical papers are being solicited at this time for the Technical Program. The Committee is especially encouraging members actively involved in the day-to-day operations of a wastewater facility to prepare and present technical papers at the Conference.

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12/1/2021: It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Michael "Mick" D'Alessandro, a 20+ year member of WWOA.  Many of our members knew and worked with Mick over the years.  Mick and his company, RDM Municipal Supply & Service generously provided pumps and mixers for the Operators Competition for a number of years. More information is provided at: Michael D'Alessandro Obituary - South Milwaukee, WI | Molthen-Bell & Son Funeral Home (molthenbell.com)


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