02/04/2020:  Tips and Tricks

New Permit

-Read through new monitoring requirements, note 4th year sampling

-Read through standard requirements, these have been updated in recent years

Permit Applications

-Due 180 days prior to permit expiration

-Sample point description: make sure is updated and clear where the samples are being taken

-Sample Type: make sure is updated and clear what the sample type is, 24-hr composite vs. 24-hr flow prop composite

-Monitoring Data: verify what sampling needs to occur prior to application submittal. Example, copper data (12 samples, 3 days in-between)

NR 101 Fees

-Summary Report sent out first week in March

-Return summary by April 1, even if no changes are made

-Results may not mirror the summary values reported on the DMRs due to the manner in which our database addresses significant figures to the right of the decimal point

-Individual values <LOQ are treated as a zero in the calculated average.

-Reporting limit of 2 mg/L for both LOD & LOQ for BOD5 and TSS

o500 mL of TSS sample for a 2 mg/L reporting limit

o300 mL of BOD sample for a 2 mg/L reporting limit


Lab Info

-Test methods for TP that can be used to analyze concentrations <0.075 mg/L: Standard Methods 4500P B.5 & E using a high quality single long-cell path cuvette will definitely work. Some labs may be able to analyze this low with Hach TNT methods, but there would be some special conditions (like having the low standard be at 0.075 mg/L).

-Traceability. We always say, “if you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it.”

-Labs should be using the new EPA MDL determination.

-There is no LOD for TSS or BOD. TSS and BOD use reporting limits based on volume used.

-As with anything, ask your auditor for help!


-Wait to enter/populate LOD/LOQ/Cert until after all results are entered. Repopulate LOD/LOQ/Cert if they change. IF delete a result, individually delete (Show button) LOD/LOQ/Cert for that day

-Click “save” on a regular basis

-Report 0 for days with no flow

-Limit Exceedances, you enter it and response is required,

WET Tests

-Submit hardcopies to address listed on report form AND submit result on DMR

Land App Forms

-49 Form, remember to change sample date

-If result is <LOD report <LOD instead of 0

-52/55, need to submit both, leave blank and select “no” if did not apply/haul out

-Remember to change outfall number

-Remember to submit soil tests to the department. In order to land apply on a field, there needs to be a recent soil test on file (taken within the last 4 years).



-Available beginning of May

-Submittal due June 30, remember need resolution by board

-Review data first to identify any issues and corrections can be made if necessary

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