WWOA’s mission is to foster an environment that promotes teaching and sharing of knowledge within the water industry. As part of this mission, WWOA offers scholarships to future wastewater operators and tuition reimbursement to its members.


Several scholarships are awarded each year to assist full time students enrolled in degree programs relating to the field of wastewater treatment and waster resource management.  Click the links below to view the information sheet for each available scholarship.  Each sheet will contain information on the application process, eligibility guidelines, selection process, and award timeline for that particular scholarship.  A college or university student can submit one application packet in order to be considered for all of the available scholarships.  If the student is selected for more than one opportunity, the scholarship committee will recommend the student receive the scholarship of greatest dollar value.

Annual application deadline for all scholarships is July 1.

The scholarship program has grown over the years due to the increasing demand for professionals in the wastewater treatment field and the dedication of those sponsoring scholarships.

Member partner Crane Engineering generously sponsors a $2000 scholarship each year.

New in 2024: WWOA North Central Region is sponsoring the $2000 Ryan Giefer Memorial Scholarship

Member partner North Central Laboratories generously sponsors one $5000 scholarship annually. The NCL scholarship is paid out over two academic years. ($2500 the first year, and $2500 the second year)

WWOA sponsors three $2000 scholarships annually.

New in 2024 – The WWOA is now offering a scholarship for students enrolled in a degree or certificate program in the field of wastewater treatment or water resource management. This is a $1000 scholarship and is available to full and part-time students.

Please direct any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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WWOA Tuition Aid:

The purpose of tuition aid is to encourage the continued education of members of WWOA through the attendance at advanced seminars related to wastewater treatment or for credit courses taken at a technical school or college while working towards a degree related to the wastewater/water industry.

Statewide Tuition Aid:

WWOA is offering two tuition aid opportunities to members. There is one $250 and one $1000 tuition aid payment available.

Tuition Aid Description, Criteria and Application

Southeast Region Tuition Aid:

Due to staffing shortages in the wastewater field, the Southeast Region of the Wisconsin Wastewater Operator’s Association (WWOA) developed a tuition aid program to help inspire interest in wastewater related careers.

The Southeast region offers one $500 award annually to an individual that resides in the Southeast Region or is training for wastewater employment within the Southeast Region.

For more information see the criteria through the link below.

Southeast Region Tuition Aid Criteria

Southeast Region Tuition Aid Application

Southern Region Tuition Aid:

The purpose of tuition aid is to encourage the continued education of WWOA Southern members through the attendance at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WNDR) approved advanced course work related to wastewater treatment or for credit courses at an accredited university, college or technical school while working towards a degree related to the wastewater/water industry.  The Southern Region offers two $250 tuition reimbursements for any member of WWOA Southern Region in good standing for a minimum of three years.  

For more information, please contact the Association Manager

Southern Region Tuition Aid Description, Criteria and Application


Become a Member

Becoming a member of WWOA provides many membership benefits including:

  • Operator Seminars
  • Scholarships & Tuition Aid
  • “Clarifier” – our official educational publication
  • Discounts on our Annual Conference and other programs
  • Yearly awards recognizing professionalism and support in the wastewater field