Protecting Public Health and the Environment by Providing a forum for Wastewater Technology Exchange and Education. 

Hundreds of millions of gallons of wastewater are generated by citizens and businesses in Wisconsin every day.  This wastewater must be collected, analyzed, and treated before it can be discharged to our lakes, rivers, and streams. Making certain these discharges do not harm the quality of Wisconsin's surface water and groundwater is a large and important task.  

One of WWOA's primary goals is to protect Wisconsin's water quality through effective and efficient operation of wastewater treatment facilities by trained professionals.

The WWOA is comprised of wastewater treatment professionals who serve municipalities and industries throughout the state of Wisconsin. Membership includes treatment plant operators, engineers, consultants, plant managers, equipment manufacturers, regulatory agencies, educators, and students involved in the wastewater treatment industry.


Fostering an environment that promotes the teaching and sharing of knowledge within the wastewater industry.


Elevating and Advancing Wastewater Professionals

Core Values

Provide education, innovation, collaboration, promotion, and connection within the wastewater industry.


  1. The advancement of fundamental and practical knowledge concerning treatment of wastewater and the management of wastewater facilities.
  2. The promotion of good public relations in the water treatment fields.
  3. Assistance and training of personnel interested in water treatment, management or operation.
  4. Encourage the exchange of information and experience in the operation of wastewater treatment facilities.
  5. The publication and distribution of The Clarifier and an E-Newsletter relating to the wastewater treatment field.

Become a Member

Becoming a member of WWOA provides many membership benefits including:

  • Operator Seminars
  • Scholarships & Tuition Aid
  • “Clarifier” – our official educational publication
  • Discounts on our Annual Conference and other programs
  • Yearly awards recognizing professionalism and support in the wastewater field