As I write this it looks like spring is just around the corner. The snow is almost gone, the fruit trees in my small orchard are pruned, and on the warmer sunny days the honey bees are coming out and starting to explore. Although I don’t believe that they will find much to take back to the hives, at least until the dandelions bloom. I always enjoy seeing the dandelions, not only are they pretty but it signals that I no longer need to worry so much about feeding the bees to help them through the winter.

The Government Affairs Seminar and Spring Biosolids Symposium were held virtually. Many thanks to all involved for their efforts in putting on these very successful programs, they each had over 200 registered attendees.

Looking ahead, planning continues for the Annual Conference. Technical sessions have been selected and placed in the program. As we have done for the past couple of years, there will be four tracks of sessions with plenty of time allowed to visit the vendors in the exhibit hall.

Those of you that have contacted our executive secretary recently may have noticed that Nancy Short is no longer affiliated with us. The Executive Committee of the WWOA Board which consists of Past President Jeff Smudde, myself, President-elect Rick Mealy, and Vice President Jeremy Cramer have occasional conversations with Association Executives Group (AEG) management to discuss their involvement with WWOA operations.

It was during one of these meetings AEG offered that they had a promising junior employee that they were looking to promote, and thought that she would be a good fit for WWOA. The entire Board met Courtney Harris via Zoom meeting and agreed to have her as our executive secretary. If you have any communication with Courtney please welcome her aboard. I want to thank Nancy for all of her efforts for us in the past and for helping Courtney during the transition.

Just like all of you it’s time for me to ‘get back at it’ and continue getting ready for warmer weather and all of the projects that come with it. Keep doing the things that you do to protect the waters of Wisconsin so that we can enjoy them all year long.

Take Care Everyone

Don Lintner

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