When you think of a hero, what comes to mind? Soldiers, police, firefighters, those who put their lives on the line each day to protect our freedoms and possessions? Yes, these are heroes!

We also hear about ordinary people in the news who react out of impulse in an emergency to help someone, save a life or avoid a dangerous situation that could have ended in disaster.

Our world has changed a lot over the past 25 years. We operate at an accelerated pace with technology leading this change. We expect the tasks and duties of everyday life to be done faster and without interference. We get upset quickly when things don’t go as planned. Consequently, we are under a great deal of stress. We tend to look inward instead of outward.

So, how can we be “everyday heroes”? Look outside of ourselves to the people we come in contact with each day.  Ask them simply how their day is going. Then, listen. Maybe we can help with a problem or just lift them up and let them know they are doing a good job.

I am reminded of a story my pastor told us at church one Sunday about a high school boy who came to a new town. He had a hard time fitting in, and one Friday as he was walking home with a stack of books, some bullies laughed at him and knocked the books out of his hands all over the sidewalk. One student noticed and came to help him out. After introducing himself, he explained that not all students were like that and invited him to come over and play ball.

That act of kindness gave the new guy hope and he went on to acclimate to school, become a star athlete and very popular.

In his commencement speech as valedictorian, the student explained that on that Friday long ago, he had devised a plan to commit suicide. He had been carrying all of his books so that after he was gone, his parents wouldn’t have to go back and clean out his locker. Had it not been for the kindness of the “everyday hero” reaching out on that Friday, the story could have ended in tragedy.

We just never know what others are going through or how we can help.

Our challenge? Be an “everyday hero” today. You might be amazed at how good it makes you feel.


Jeff (Juice) Simpson

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