April showers bring May flowers.  April showers were few, but May showers have been plentiful.  Many have been dealing with more than beneficial rains this Spring.  Flooding has occurred in many parts of the State, testing our knowledge and skills as wastewater professionals.  No matter what comes at us, we always find a way to get through the challenge.  With all the education provided by WWOA and other members of our organization, treatment facilities are always prepared for the worst.  Equipment is ready to go and plans in place for anything thrown our way.  Keep up the good work.  Our water supply is counting on us, the last line of defense.

WWOA has posted a news item on our website, brought to us from a Junior at Wisconsin Dells High School.  During his research for a science/economics class report to raise awareness on the necessity of water conservation in the world, he came across this report.  It is written by Summer Banks, titled, Water Conservation – 11 Things You Need to Know.  Please share this with everyone you know.  It would be an awesome item to hand out during school tours or share it with the schools in your area as an educational item for the day.  As wastewater professionals, prevention of wasting water is just as important as renewing the supply.

The 52nd Annual Convention at Lake Geneva is set and ready to go.  You should have gotten your registration packets in the mail.  If by chance you don’t get one, don’t fret, go to the WWOA website.  You can find the brochure online and check out everything that is planned for this year.  Technical Committee Chair, Jeff Smudde and Executive Secretary, Karen Harter, have everything in place and ready to go.  Get your rooms reserved, hotel information is online also.  After checking out the fantastic program set up for your enjoyment, fill out the online registration form, to reserve your spot at this one of a kind facility.  It is filled with shops, restaurants and a couple of areas to wet your whistle.  Bring the family along as part of the housing arrangements is an on-site, indoor, water park.  This is another great opportunity to share your time with you family and learn during the same visit.  Registration for the 52nd Conference opens on Monday, June 4th.

As I look at the calendar, my time as your President is passing way too quickly.  I have seen quite a few of you at Regional meetings throughout the State.  I look forward to seeing many more of you as the months move on.  My goal is to visit at least one meeting in every Region and I am happy to say that I am more than half way there.  I must commend the Regions for the agendas they put together.  The training has been outstanding and the plant tours very enlightening.  The Regions are the backbone of the WWOA and without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  A strong, vibrant organization of more than just members, but friends through out the state and beyond.  Thank you again, for the honor and privilege of serving as your President.

As I write my message to you, I received a message that we lost a friend to WWOA and the industry.  Jim Miller, MN WWOA Secretary/Treasurer, passed away the end of May.   Jim was a Lifetime Member of the WWOA, a fixture with our Operators’ Competition as a judge and mentor.  I have known Jim longer that I care to admit.   I can still hear him coaching me on at an Operator’s Challenge, “Today would be good”.  He was always there to help at the WWOA Conference whenever we asked.  Jim will be missed by many, here in the WWOA as well in the MN WWOA. I will remember Jim with great joy, admiration and respect.   

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