Short ride but priceless experiences… 

Just as it seems I’ve become adjusted to leading on the Board of Directors as President through the direction of some recent (and in my eyes greatest) Presidents, the time is nearing to once again pass the reigns over to another great leader, Sharon Thieszen at the 50th annual conference this October!  Like all the great Presidents of the past, I have to say that the time serving on the Board almost seems like a blink of the eye now.  Countless memories and so many friends acquired are just a couple of the highlights that have happened while having the honor to be involved in moving this organization forward in the few years involved on the board.  I think about just some of the things that have happened in my terms on the Board, and how in the bigger picture they are just a blip in the evolving of the organization heading into the 50th conference.  While I have not nearly been able to accomplish my goal of getting out to all the regions, the few meetings I did make were excellent as usual.  There are so many things that being involved in this organization provides.  From training opportunities to networking to leadership opportunities, this organization offers a diverse array of specialties within the entire Wastewater industry.  I encourage everyone to think about their membership status and maybe becoming involved in your region or even possibly stepping up and running of the ranks on the WWOA Board of Directors!  Don’t discard the notion if time is your only setback.  I can guarantee that everyone on the board deals with conflicts of work and personal scheduling, but that is why there are others on the board for support, advice, and helping in any way they can.  It really is a group effort all the way through!  Thank you to those involved on the Board from my start, you really have been more like family than a governing body!

I hope everyone is excited and making plans to head on over to La Crosse in October!  The conference is all set and arrangements finalized for the 50th Annual Conference the 18th-21st of October.  Jeff Bratz has put together the best of the best for a special Keynote address, technical sessions, and entertainment after the awards banquet!  A new high number of vendors will fill the exhibit hall and I want to send a big “thank you “ out in advance to all them for your support to the organization and the industry!  Another heads up to all attendees is that we will be giving away two HD Televisions this year; one at the business meeting and one at the farewell breakfast on Friday.  You will be required to be present to win so plan your stay and register accordingly! Local arrangements are still available near the La Crosse center so make your reservations and register for the conference.  Don’t forget to pre-order your commemorative 50th anniversary polo that will be available to pick upon check in at the conference!

Last but not least, enjoy the remaining Wisconsin summer as we head into the cool and scenery change of the fall season.  It won’t be long and soon it will be snowing - hopefully a lot!  Did I ever mention that I really like winter and the snow?!  Okay, I do like baseball season too, so winter can wait a little and let’s hope the Twins and Brewers can make the final months look like they can be competitive!  I really hope everyone has enjoyed reading and learning a little about me through these Presidents articles!  Here’s to the next 50 years of conferences! I hope everyone stays in touch and I’m looking to stay involved and share my experiences as much as I can in the future! 


Lyle Lutz (aka:  Prez L)

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