This "Presentations" page will archive a variety of presentations and publications from regional and state seminars and conferences.


2019 Annual Conference - Green Bay

2019 Tricks of the Trade.pdf

A2 Larry Henderson PE A2 Cell Lysing Ultrawaves.pdf

B2 Steve McCuskey_B2_VEGA - WWOA presentation Steve McCuskey.pdf

D2 Kyra Peach_D2_Peach_Not final version_2019_WRWA - City of Baraboo.pdf

D3 WWOA Cramer.pdf

D4 Allen Williams - D4_UniqueThickeningDewatering 2019-10-09.pdf

E1 Rusty Schroedel_E1_Schroedel_Grit.pdf

E2_20190913 WWOA Primary Sludge Grit Removal.pdf

E3 Gunderson Headworks Presentation WWOA 2019.pdf

F1 Jon Butt - WWOA 2019 presentation.pdf

F3_Dean LaFleur_Valders WI Energy Saving BioP Upgrades WWOA 2019 - 9-9-19 (to WWOA).pdf

G WWOA 2019- Strength of Diversity in Wastewater.pdf

G1 Nicole Kruschel - WWOA Presentation-Can't Disgest the Cost of Your Upgrade.pdf

H1 Jim Orr - WWOA Clarifer Talk.pdf

I1 Matt Castillo_I1ClothMediaCastillo.pdf

I2 Eric Lynne - Session I2_Medford Filter Project WWOA v09-09-2019.pdf

J1 Jerry Foellmi_J1_GEC JAF Presentation.pdf

J2 Mark Grabowski - J2_2019_09-15_Off Road Sewer Cleaning_Grabowski and Ward.pdf

Jeff WWOA Alternative Energy.pdf

K1 Laura Dietrich_K1_RegulationsPollutantVariances_WWOA2019.pdf

K2 2019 Sewer User Charge Presentation WWOA.pdf

L1 Ryan Hennessy_L1_Stress and Toxicity in Wastewater RH MCO.PDF

M1 -WWOA Nagle-Godfrey-06.pdf

M2_Steven Bruskiewicz - M3WWOA Presentation 2019_green bay.pdf

O1_2019 WWOA - SCADA Networks - Mysteries Revealed.pdf

O2 Kyle Engelking - O2KyleEngelkingCollections.pdf

O3 Alex Sukupcak - O3AlexSukupcakvGIS.pdf

Q2 Kim Murdock - Q2_Biogas Upgrading for Pipeline Injection and Vehicle Fuel.pdf

Q3_2019 WWOA - Got a Minute_I have another quick generator question.pdf

Q4 Joe Cantwell Focus on Energy_WWOA Presentation_092719.pdf

R1_Biogas-Efficiency through New Technologies.pdf

Tom Foley_E2_20190913 WWOA Primary Sludge Grit Removal.pdf

UV Basics, adoption and advancements in UV Technology WWOA .pdf

WWOA 2019 - Sundridge SAGR.pdf

WWOA PreCon-2019- NR149Update.pdf

Dave Hart Farewell WWOA_Multi Instrument Stream Surveys.pdf


Presentations by STRAND Engineering:

E4.2019 Round Peg in a Square Hole: Manitowoc’s Novel ClarifierReplacement Project Adds System Flexibility Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association October 9, 2019

N1 Travis Anderson_N1_2019_WWOA_ Evaluating Lagoon Upgrades for Increasingly Stringent Effluent Limits

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2019-03-05 Southeast Regional Meeting

2019-03-26 Spring Biosolids Symposium

LMD Meeting Dec. 12, 2019

2019-2-21 Wisconsin Government Affairs Seminar


2018 Annual Conference - Lake Geneva, WI

2018WWOA Session J-2 All Lab Questions Answered Rick Mealy.pdf

A1 Sustainability in Infrastructure_Presentation_Final Montpas.pdf

A2 RBC - Crouse Marten Reel.pdf

B-1_GOOD, BETTER, BEST OR BEST FIT_Steven Muther.pdf

B2 OrthoP Monitoring and P Removal Control - Robert Smith.pdf


C2 IIoT Joe Finn.pdf

D2 Lift Station Check-ups - The Doctor Is In - Kathleen Hassing.pdf

E1 Small Utility uses MDV revised Jon Butt.pdf

E2_PhosphorusTradingaRealWWTPSolution Eric Lynne.pdf

E3 City of Tomah AM Greg Droessler.pdf

E4 Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program Key Factors - Tom Steinbach.pdf


F2- Municipal Wastewater Case Studies Ryan Hennessy.pdf

F4-Toxicity in Wastewater Systems2996 v2 - Glenn Smeaton.pdf

G1 RFP Process Thoune

G3RooftopFallProtection Penkwitz.pdf

G4 Warrens hybrid tree irrigation October.pdf

H1 Pressure Sewer Ed Dunn.pdf

H3 Wipes Ready Technology Tim Miller.pdf

H4 FOG Casey Furlong Presentation.pdf

HTC R2- Steam Injection Nikhil Patole WWOA.pdf

I1 Lagoon Solutions Tim Canter.pdf

I2 Designing Lagoon Based Systems Nick Janous.pdf

J1 WWOA October 2018- NR 149 Changes - Tom Trainor - 101818.pdf

K1 Salem Lakes Regionalization Travis Anderson.pdf

K2 DevelopingSuccessfulIntermunicipalAgreements Taryn Nall.pdf

L-1 RTC - Sludge Thickening LL (002) Inglewright McLiverty.pdf

L-2 Case Study Biosolids Management Cost and Circular Economy - James Willson.pdf

L3- Troubleshooting Microthrix - Troy Larson 2018 WWOA.pdf

M1 Algae Based Nutrient Recovery Kucek Minnema.pdf

M2 Using PACs to Achieve Low Level P Requirements Joseph Carlston.pdf

N1_FreshWater_CFD_Rozumalski Jordan.pdf

N2Influent Screening Evaluation and Impelmentation Williams Arnot.pdf

P-1&2 WWOA Dig HSW panel.pdf

Pre-Con 1 Lab Testing - Rick Mealy.pdf

Q1-Optimizing-BPR-with-Inline-Fermentation - Greg Paul.pdf

Q2Biological Phosphorus Removal in Oxidation Ditches Arnott Van Weelden.pdf

R3- Biogas Systems Design Technical Paper PPT_WWOA Hanson Allen.pdf

S2RandyChann.pdf WWOA - Private Well Basics - Wunderlich - Lehmann.pdf

WWOA PbCu Overview Wunderlich - Lehmann.pdf

WWOA presentation annual conference 2018.pdf


LMD Meeting December 13, 2018.

Governement Affairs 2018

Spring Biosolids 2018

MWOE 2018


Annual Conference Presentations 2017 - Middleton

Government Affairs 2017

WWOA 50th Anniversary Keynote Speakers

Joe Gehin:

Duane Schuettpelz:

Ken Sedmak:

LMD Meeting May 18, 2017

2017 Spring Biosolids Symposium


50th ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2016 LaCrosse, WI

Duane Schuettpelz Keynote Presentation.pdf

WWOA 50th Anniv Remarks - Gehin.pdf

WWOA Evolution of Wastewater Keynote Presentation - Sedmak.pdf

CMOM - What Next Joan Hawley.pdf

Convert Activated Sludge to BPR-Greg Paul WWOA.pdf 

WWOA2016 - Fear No Lab Math2.pdf

Aliquot Session B - 2 Not Your Typical Turbo Blower - Lintner-Lynne.pdf

Aliquot Session E - 3 Biosolids Program Eval WalCoMet Foley-Ghavi Presentation 09072016_final.pdf

Aliquot Session K -2 SCADA-PLC Latest Technology - Greeno-Kane.pdf

Cold Weather NitrificationDenitrification in Lagoons - Marc Salmi.pdf

Fine Bubble Retrofit Does It Again.pdf

Replace or Rehab Digester Presentation - Mark Johnson.pdf

Travis Anderson Waukesha Digestion Upgrades.pdf

WWOA 2016 Treatment Facility Performance Optimization Using Automatic Control and Online Monitoring Bulbul Ahmed.pdf


Biomass O - 3 An Efficient Aeration Strategy Sits on a Three-Legged Stool_WJR.pdf

Biomass Session C - 2 P deficit - Larsen.pdf

Biomass Session F - 1 My Sewer System is 50 Years Old - Astfalk.pdf

Biomass Session O - 2 Disposable wipes pump clogging.pdf

Concrete and H2S Gas in Wet Wells and Tanks - 2016 WWOA - James Orr.pdf

Lateral Lining vs. Grouting - Blazejovshy.pdf

Proactive Approach to Chloride Reductions-Paddock Lake(Final-2016).pdf

Sewer User Charge Presentation 2016.pdf

Tricks of the Trades - Troy Larsen.pdf

Working with your certified Lab - L2JeanBerniusAgSource.pdf

2016 WWOA Spray and Sub-Surface Effluent Irrigation as a Treatment Strategy.pdf

20161013-What-How-Why-Fractions-of-P Greg Paul.pdf

Biological Phosphorus Removal Technology - Laschinger.pdf


Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program WWOA Annual Conf 2016.pdf

Plain English Guide to the MDV 09272016.pdf

Rotifer Session A-2 Lab Reports.pdf

The Phosphorus Journey - One Plant's Story - Arnott.pdf

WWOA Fond du Lac P Pilot Studies.pdf

WWOA October 2016 Nitrogen Removal Danbury.pdf

WWOA, Receiving Water Quality Credits - Phase 2, October 2016.pdf

Madison MSD PS 18_Case Study in Sustainability_AECOM-Lewis reduced size.pdf

2016 Spring Biosolids Symposium

LMD Regional Meeting 2/18/16 Clintonville




A3-Sid Arora-Power Load Profiling .pdf

B1 Tischler-Radar level Measurement Wastewater Industry.pdf

C1 MSL P Final for WWOA Conference.pdf

C2 Fitzwilliams-Affordable Denitrification.pdf

Cassity Doing Better.pdf

D JimFischer WWOA 2015 Mixer_Positioning.pdf


E1-Fisher-Can you hear me now.pdf

F Final Larson AS Troubleshooting Concerns.pdf

F1Kim - Polymer Mixing.pdf

G1 Thoune BNR_Energy Savings REV 10_5_15 revised.pdf

H1 Hopkins KRMA Digester Improvements.pdf

H2 - Converting Biogas into Energy and Vehicle Fuel.pdf

I1- Is your lab SMART.pdf

J-2 - Biological Nutrient Removal Challenges at Small WWTPs - Ellsworth WI.pdf

J1 2015 WWOA Phosphorus - Phil Korth.pdf

K1 Crouse EC Digester FINAL.pdf

K2 LefebvreLynne-Maximizing High Strength Waste Addition.pdf

L2-Morrow-Lodi Adaptive Management-10082015 1055-1145 am.pdf

Low Level P Thater Lee.pdf


M3-WWOA Presentation - Todd Latchaw.pdf

Making the Most of Your Reissued WPDES Permit - Greve 100615.pdf


N Sulfur SMS.pdf

N2 - Ashland Force Main Assessment and Rehabilitation -October 2015.pdf

N3- August-CMOM Case History Kiel, Wisconsin .pdf

O1 Lynne-Operator Tips and Tricks.pdf

Radio and cellular.pdf

SCADA Upgrade-O-Rama - WWOA 2015.pdf

VCW WWOA Annual Meeting - Dewatering Evaluations- October 2015.pdf

WWOA 2015 Eau Claire Presentation v3 (final).pdf

WWOA Energy Eval Jenkins.pdf

WWOA EnviroMix Presentation.pdf 

LMD Meeting - May 2015

Spring Biosolids Symposium 3/17/15

Government Affairs Seminar 2/26/15


Annual Conference Presentations - 2014

2014 Pollutant Based Utility Charge System

2014 WWOA Annual Conf-Risk Mitigation of Aging Electrical Infrastructure-JMM R4

2014 WWOA Annual Conf-SCADA Risks and Emerg Prepar-JMM R4

A1 A Fly In Your Ointment KLS

A1 BrianVanderLoop Force Main Pigging

A1 DNASludge

A1 Right Sizing Leon Downing


B1 Travis Anderson Waukesha Digestion Upgrades

C1 Generator EPA Update and Standby Generator Design Tips

C2 Travis Anderson Air Permitting

CIPM Installation

Columbus Wastewater Treatment Facility Aeration Upgrade-WWOA

E2 Grooms Fischer An energy saving solution

E3 - Schaefer West Bend Biogas

F1 Doing SCADA Muther

F2 WWOA Medford Energenecs


H2_OmarGadalla_Hybrid Sand Filter Presentation - Parkson v2


J1, H2S Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

K1 ABCs of ORP in BPR Optimization Greg Paul


L1 Mead&Hunt Arc Flash_Final

M1 - Andrew Craven CMOM Presentation - Copy

Microbiology Problems and Solutions

More than lipstick - Rick Mealy

Morrow 2014 WWOA Conf Session D1, 10082014

Morrow 2014 WWOA Conf Session J2, 10092014

N1TLarson Phosphorus

N2 Eric Lynne - Proven Technologies - Effluent Filters to Achieve Low Level TP

N2 Eric Lynne_Filtration or Equivalent_WWOA2014

R2E2 B Bartel WWOA Oct 2014 Final

N3 Zakovec Cassity Janesville

RLee WWOA Wisconsin River TMDL Dischargers Perspective

WWOA 2014 M2-M3Presentation_Hawley-Saltes_V6

Session D Room A1 Wisconsin TMDLs from a Permittee's Perspective (James E. Kleinschmidt)

NEW Water protecting our Water Resources The Future 10 8 14 Wisconsin Wastewater Operators Association Conference

Presentations from the Spring Biosolids Symposium

Presentations from the February 27th, 2014 Government Affairs Seminar


Annual Conference Presentations - 2013

Microbiology Training Sessions by Toni Glymph

Presentations given at the February 28th Government Affairs Seminar


Annual Conference Presentations - 2012

A1 Larson Early P removal steps.pdf

Pre-con Workshop #2A Industrial security seminar.pdf

Pre-Con Workshop #2B The New World of SCADA Securityl.pdf

Pre-Con Workshop #2C SCADA Maintenance.pdf

Pre-Con Workshop #2D Communication is the key.pdf

Session A1 Simple, Early Steps Toward Meeting Lower Phosphorus Effluent Limits.pdf

Session B1 Preventive, Predictive, and Corrective Maintenance.pdf

Session B2 Rehabilitating Clarifiers.pdf

Session D1 Membrane Bioreactor Phosphorus Removal Demo Study.pdf

Session D3 New Technologies eliminate Sludge Handling at Northern Moraine Utility Commission.pdf

Session D4 Using Rotating Effluent Filters to Replace Sand Filters.pdf

Session E1 Cutting Power Costs.pdf

Session E2 Energy Savings- High Speed Blowers & Micro Turbines.pdf

Session E3 & E4 Ops Spreadsheets Development & Application.pdf

Session E3 Oconomowoc Sustainable Energy Savings Design.pdf

Session E4 Plover, WI, Incorporting Energy Conservation into Plant upgrades.pdf

Session F3 What is FOG and What are FOG Ordinances.pdf

Session G1 Evaluation of an 'Off the Shelf' Automated Chemical Phosphorus Removal System.pdf

Session G2 Phosphorus Removal Improvements, Evaluation of Carbon Addition, operational modifications, and filtrate treatment.pdf

Session I2 Waste Product to Resource- Biosolids Handling at City of Wisconsin Rapids.pdf

Session J1 Fermentation Enhanced Nutrient Removal at Janesville WWTP.pdf

Session J2 Implementing and Troubleshooting Biological Phosphorus Removal.pdf

Session K1 Using Spreadsheets for Trending, Troubleshooting, and Reports.pdf

Session K2 Investigation of a WWTP upset.pdf

Session L1 Changing O&M practices to get N&P Removal without Facility Upgrades.pdf

Session M1 Biofilm Reactors- Operational Overview and Applications for Nutrient Removal.pdf

Presentations from North Central Region Meeting - Plover 2/29/12

Presentations given at the February 23rd Government Affairs Seminar


Annual Conference (Wisconsin Dells) - 2010

Improving Denitrification Using Carbon-Based Chemical Addition - Tom Fitzwilliams

City of Westby SCADA - Seth Barstad

Succession Planning - Troy Larson

Energy Efficiency Modifications; Small Blowers, DO Control and VFDs - Kris August/Joe Cantwell

Physical Security for Facilities - Christopher Haase

Village of Menomonee Falls Automated Emergency Operations System - David Arnott

Basic SCADA System Troubleshooting - David Beyer

A PLC Overview for Non-I&C Engineers - Mike Minkebige

Using SCADA to Reduce Energy Consumption and Optimize Operational Efficiencies - Eric Fisher

GBMSD Sustainability - Lisa Evenson/Jon Butt

F1 Wireless for On-Facility Monitoring and Control - Steve Kaminski

Digester Foaming Case Studies - Ken Sedmak, Edward Nevers

Industrial Pretreatment Challenges at a Beef Processing Facility - Larry Collins

The Cost of Clean: 14 Years of Sewer Use Charges Trends in Wisconsin - Gil Hantzsch

Biogas Treatment Systems - Connie Wilson/Jan Scott

Lab Renovation at Walcomet - Peter Borgo

Manhole Infiltration/Inflow-Proper Maintenance to Save on Your CIP - Jason Lietha

Arc Flash Hazards in Plants - Joe Berktold

Estimating and Controlling H2S in Municipal Interceptors - Bill Oldenburg/John Siczka

Construction Issues at WWTPs; What the Owner/Operator Needs to Know - John Szwedo

Innovative Mixing System - Nathan Qualls/G. Michael Furst

InfraGard Community - Norman Arendt

Arc Flash Awareness Training - Rick Edel

Simple and Cost Effective Methods of Manhole Rehabilitation - Sacha Tetzloff

Stevens Point Recycles, Reuses and Reaps the Benefits of Abandoned Infrastructure - Kim Halverson/Sandra Kimmler

Remote Operation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Scott Mahnke

Geothermal Systems for Heating and Cooling - Douglas Nelson/Greg Moser

Nanotechnology and Wastewater Treatment - Kay Curtin

Collection System Workshop - Joan Hawley

Clearwater Sources On Private Property - Ron Dickrell

Find It, Fund It, Fix It - Joan Hawley

Three New Methods to Measure D.O. - Chris Scott