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September 26, 2019

Submitted by: Southeast

WWOA SE Region News                                                      September 25, 2019


·         Recent SE Meeting in Kenosha

o   A big thank you to Melissa, Kate, Kori and the staff from Kenosha Water Utility for organizing and hosting the most recent regional meeting on September 18, 2019 in Kenosha at the Public Museum. The beautiful day followed torrential rain and operational challenges at their WWTP the previous week. It was also a beautiful meeting in terms of attendance: (95 with vendors), well scripted presentations delivered by staff and consultants pertaining to development of and implementation of upgrades to the Kenosha WWTP (very helpful to operators), food (plenty of and delicious) and the election of new officers (vice-chair and treasurer).

o   DNR update – Nick Lent, SE Basin Engineer: 1) Two to three WWTP’s have agreed to do PFAS testing and DNR is looking for 12. Funds are available for that program. WSLH is the best contact as of now for testing in that PFAS. 2) E-coli will replace fecal coliforms and be the final effluent bacteria of choice to be analyzed in new permits. Good idea to get familiar with the procedure before that point in time. 3) Emily James has left the department and stephen.warrner@wi.gov is the new wastewater Land Application Specialist for SE Region.

·         Tuition Aid

o   Now that membership has ok’d a tuition aid program in our district, Nate Tillis (Waukesha), Mike Penkwitz (Plymouth) and Kathy Bates (MATC) have agreed to carry the torch and select our first recipient. If you are interested in helping please contact one of the above individuals or a board member.

·         Vice Chair/Treasurer 

o   Our newly elected Vice-Chair for the next year is Theresa Brown-Williams, Milwaukee Area Technical College and the newly elected Treasurer is Dave Bogie, Envirotech.

·         Operators Competition

o   SE has four operator competition teams this year. Racine, Waukesha, Walcomet and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

·         Annual WWOA Awards

o   2019 Deadlines have passed for WWOA annual awards.

·         Annual WWOA Conference (53rd)

o   October 8-11, 2019 - Green Bay

·         Future 2020 SE meetings (dates to be determined)

o   Oostburg

o   Mukwonago

o   Port Washington


Your Officers:        Mike Penkwitz, Paul Gagas, Kathy Bates, Wayne Castle