WWOA SE Region News March 13, 2019

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March 13, 2019

Submitted by: Southeast

WWOA SE Region News                                                      March 13, 2019


·         March 5 Allenton meeting highlights:

o   About 100 attendees including vendors. Thanks to each and every one of you.

o   Thanks to our Allenton hosts- Brandon Kaufman and Dan Hass, MCO.

o   The presentations were informative and hopefully helped us increase our skills.

o   Special thanks to Paul Gagas, SE Treasurer, for communicating with all attendees

affected by the cancelled meeting Feb 12 due to weather conditions.

·         If you are not a WWOA member, consider joining. $50/2years. (It does pay for itself considering meeting sign up fees…perhaps your city/village can reimburse you).

·         Tuition Aid – After a fair amount of research, the SE officers have developed tuition aid criteria and an application to award a student $500. The aid package has been submitted to the State WWOA for their input. Its contents are attached. Please review and offer suggestions. We did not discuss it at the March 5 business meeting so all of you could get a shot to look at it. We will take another step forward and possibly seek approval at the Lakeland meeting in May.

·         Sharps and Tips and Tricks

o   A photo of a hazard uncovered in a string of rags is included and an outline of Amy Garbe’s postponed presentation from the snowed-out meeting is included.

·         Treasurer / Vice Chair – Treasurer for our district, Paul Gagas, is thinking about ending his 12-year tenure in 2020. We will miss his service, but let’s help him out by finding a replacement along with the annual selection of new vice chair by Sept. 18, 2019.

·         Operators Competition participants – We have one team now, but please help us to get more than one. Also, WWOA is seeking approval from each district for them to contribute to a fund that awards each first-place team member $200, each second-place team member $100 and each third-place team member $50. This is new. The annual cost to each district would be $175. If you have objections, let us know. We will vote on it May 16 at Lakeland.

·         Annual WWOA Awards to be aware of – Newcomer of the Year, District Operator of the Year, Bernauer, Koby Crabtree. Nomination forms and deadlines are posted at WWOA.

·         Future SE 2019 meeting dates: 

o   Lakeland University, May 16 (region meeting)

o   Brookfield, April 9 (three new subclass training)

o   Mequon, April 30 (hands on phosphorus analysis)

o   Kenosha, September 18 (region meeting)

Your Officers:        Mike Penkwitz, Paul Gagas, Kathy Bates, Wayne Castle