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POSITION SUMMARY:                                                                       

Wastewater treatment operator is responsible for the collection systems and treatment processes of the Wastewater operation.  The duties are to perform all aspects of maintenance work as well as operate processes with efficiency. Responsibilities are to follow all written procedures and demonstrated practices to comply with WPDES permit. This also includes accurate documentation of maintenance and activities of controls in the wastewater treatment process.


This position is responsible for the wastewater collection systems and the treatment processes and operations.  This position must also understand and be trained in water pollution wastewater characteristics.  The Operator will be responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of any mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic process.  They will also monitor the flow and sampling of the wastewater and be responsible for the chemical addition systems.  The Wastewater Operator must be able to perform basic and algebra calculations and be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite.  Must be knowledgeable of the applicable regulations to wastewater treatment and industrial physical systems.                                              The position may include additional responsibilities as required to maintain efficient operation of the treatment plant and compliance with the plant permit.  Personnel will work overtime when required and be subject to call back on weekends and holidays. Personnel are responsible for a clean and well-organized work area.                                                                                                                 


A technical degree in wastewater treatment is preferred.  Certification levels must be achieved, maintained and also increased upon process change through the Wisconsin DNR wastewater operator certification program.  Must have completed the basic general exams for the following classes:  Biological solids/sludge handling, processing & reuse; Biological treatment: suspended growth processes; Nutrient removal:  total phosphorous; Nutrient removal:  total nitrogen; Solids separation; and laboratory.  New hires are required to obtain licensing within two (2) years of hire.

To apply, please visit online and select the Production tab.


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