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JO 15760 Wastewater Treatment Manager
Location: IA
Salary Range: $65K - $85K
Summary: To manage and coordinate wastewater operations ensuring compliance with mandated environmental regulations and permits, current Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs), and established company procedures.

Job Duties:

·         Coordinate wastewater related duties which includes all tasks and appropriate documentation of the following:

o    Produce an effluent that meets or exceeds all DNR permit levels.

o    Optimize the efficiency of all the wastewater facilities.

o    Consult with outside regulatory agencies regarding permitting.

o    Develop and implement a monitoring process and measure results for reporting.

o    Manage all day-to-day land applications and permits as well as storm water discharge.

o    Promote and ensure employees adhere to all established company policies and procedures including safety training, all mandated sanitary/environmental policies and regulations. Conduct and provide additional training for production personnel as needed.

o    Ensure fundamental safety and quality practices are maintained.

o    Offer plant management input for hiring any wastewater personnel and assist with work performance evaluations.

o    Participate in and conduct regularly scheduled meetings to enhance communication throughout the plant and across all shifts.

Operational Duties:

·       Troubleshoot wastewater processes including:

o    Assist maintenance / utility personnel with repairs on equipment, machinery breakdowns or notify appropriate personnel to coordinate outside repair services.

o    Monitor and respond to computer or manually generated alarms as required.

o    Minimize wastewater treatment plants biological & equipment damage.

o    Work directly with Engineering on all projects to improve efficiency and cost.

o    Negotiate with landowners to create land application agreements.

o    Evaluate and implement short-term (tactical) as well as long term strategies on how to most efficiently and cost effectively wastewater is treated.

Job Requirements:
·       Specific knowledge of industrial wastewater operations, in an edible or non-edible food processing plant.

·       Responsible to ensure the manufactured are safe and meet the customer’s quality standards.

·       Must be able to distinguish if safety violations or biological issues occur and resolve immediately or, if unable to resolve immediately, contact appropriate plant management (i.e. the Plant Manager and/or the General Manager).

·       Ensure responsibilities and tasks are accounted for in the event of absences.

·       If both the General Manager and the Plant Manager are absent, the Plant Maintenance Manager assumes the responsibility.

·       Knowledge and ability to:

·        Operate and train personnel on equipment and machinery used in the wastewater treatment process.

·        Maintain a high level of confidentiality related to all duties and responsibilities.

·        Monitor the wastewater processes, anticipate treatment concerns and make effective decisions while striving for continuity of the process.

·        Analyze, forecast and plan objectives.

·        Remain calm and professional.

·        Maintain a good employee work ethic and provide a positive attitude among employees.

·        Perform basic and complex mathematical calculations.

·        Work daily and overtime as necessary.

·        Assist in other work-related areas as requested.

·        Work in a team environment and implement continuous quality improvement.

·        Operate a vehicle as part of normal travel requirements between plants and the corporate office.

·       General knowledge of OSHA standards and safe work practices.

·       Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing with personnel, contractors, vendors, suppliers, governmental agencies and other business-related contacts.

·       Ability to operate all necessary office equipment required to accomplish job duties, such as computer, telephone, fax machine, etc.

·       Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

·       Ability to adhere to DNR recordkeeping requirements.

·       Effectively manages a team of direct reports, providing coaching and feedback with regard to performance.
Job Qualifications:
High School Diploma or G.E.D. certification required. College degree in wastewater management or current Iowa Wastewater Operator’s Certification of Grade IV or equivalent experience and education.

Five years stable work history in areas such as wastewater management, agriculture, production, or manufacturing. Supervisory experience preferred.
Dave Sloan, Vice President-Dairy Operations,, 920-261-8890

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