Wastewater Treatment Facility Assistant Superintendent - South Milwaukee

City of South Milwaukee

Wastewater Treatment Facility Assistant Superintendent

City of South Milwaukee

Deadline: February 16, 2020 at 11:59 PM


Position Objectives:

The City of South Milwaukee (population 21,000), located in Milwaukee County, is accepting applications for the position of Wastewater Treatment Facility Assistant Superintendent.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Under general supervision and direction of the Wastewater Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent has charge of and works with the operators and sewer maintainers to carry out routine and emergency work and to maintain efficient operation of the wastewater facility and sewerage collection system. This position serves as Chief Operator and Lead Sewer Maintainer of the Wastewater Treatment Facility. This position requires sound management and communication skills and the ability to work independently, exercising good judgment and initiative.


Minimum Requirements:

  *   High school diploma or GED.

  *   Five years of recent increasingly responsible experience in a

municipal wastewater facility.

  *   Significant supervisory level experience desirable.

  *   Valid Wisconsin Driver's License required and must be maintained

during tenure.

  *   Must possess or obtain a valid Commercial Driver's License within

three (3) months of beginning position and must be maintained during tenure.

  *   Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification preferred; DNR

Subclass "SS" to be acquired within three (3) years of appointment.

  *   Advanced certifications to be acquired within five (5) years of

appointment including: Biological Solid/Sludge Handling, Processing & Reuse, Biological Treatment, Suspended Growth Processes, Disinfection, Laboratory, Nutrient Removal and Total Phosphorus, and Solids Separation.



Salary Range: $63,000 - $72,000


More Information:

The position application can be found here:




Patrick Brever, Assistant City Administrator

2424 15th Ave, South Milwaukee, WI 53172

(414) 768-8051

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