Operations Manager - Turtle Lake


Operations Manager

This is a lead work position at an anaerobic digester/wastewater treatment facility. Requires ability to determine work to be done, assignment of work to operators and operation of plant equipment. This position reports and falls under the Plant Manager. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Coordinate with other departments, outside vendors and customers and communicate changes within the plant.  Work with the Plant Manager to produce data driven changes to plant operations. This may involve learning the costs associated with process control and alterations.

Develop and submit required reporting for WDNR permits.

Ensure a cohesive and positive work environment where all employees are treated fairly and with respect.

Work with the Plant Manager and Safety Committee to develop and implement training and safety programs throughout the plant.

Cover shifts when operators are unavailable.

Assist on duty operators either via phone or in person outside of the “normal” office hours.

Assist the maintenance or cover operations of the plant while an operator assists maintenance.

Responsible for tracking supplies and chemicals along with submitting purchase orders to maintain operations.

Assign work to and follow up on the work of operators. Provide input into the performance evaluation and assist with additional training for staff that are direct reports.

Investigates and prepares spill reports and process deviations and provides recommendations to maintain operational standards and safety standards.

Maintains and communicates process control data files.

Inspects and ensures proper operation of assigned equipment.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation dictates within the scope of this classification.

A Wisconsin Waste Water Treatment Operator Certification is not required but strongly recommended.



Barry Bassett

Plant Manager


465 Western Blvd.

Turtle Lake, WI 54889

O: 715-986-6430

C: 715-931-7237


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