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Green Bay, WI

Field Services Technician (FST)

Job Description:

Responsible for protecting the public health and welfare of NEW Water’s customers, the wastewater conveyance system, its tributary treatment facilities and the watershed. Responsible for operating, troubleshooting, performing predictive and corrective maintenance on the NEW Water’s wastewater lift stations, meter stations and interceptor system. Supports the Pretreatment Program through industrial sampling and inspection activities. Responsible for organizing, planning and implementing decisions that ensure compliance with State and Federal permit requirements; and for collecting representative wastewater data which drives most all revenue streams including NEW Water’s customer wastewater treatment service billing program, hauled waste program, and other revenue initiatives.


The position requires work on weekends, timely response to emergencies 24/7/365, exhibit a high degree of safety awareness of roadway, chemical, sewerage system hazards and performing confined space entry into sewerage systems.


Lift Station/Meter Station Operations & Maintenance

-       Reviews lift station performance data for problems that require immediate attention.

-       Responsible for the daily review of meter station flow, velocity and depth data for problems that may require immediate attention or corrective repair.

-       Operates, maintains, troubleshoots, and performs scheduled maintenance on lift station and meter station equipment.

-       Operates and maintains ozone generation or chemical dosing systems at selected lift stations to effectively mitigate the generation of vapor phase hydrogen sulfide gases that present public health safety concerns and maintains the structural integrity of NEW Water’s interceptor system.

-       Operates and maintains the on-site hauled waste receiving stations by collecting samples for analysis, cleaning the sample drop area, disposing of samples not analyzed and testing for specially permitted loads.

-       Ensures the proper operational condition of emergency power generating units (permanent or portable) applicable to each lift station site.  

-       Communicates and follows up with other department activities to ensure proper operation.

-       Participates in the research of new technologies, i.e. ozone, pumping, sampling equipment.

-       Collects representative wastewater samples from the various sites for WPDES permit and customer billing parameter analysis by lab. Completes an event report any significant anomalies that is accompanied with a properly completed chain-of-custody form. 

-       Sets up and conducts revenue sourcing flow metering and sampling for municipal customers.

-       Develops and implements scheduling for annual reduced sampling program and departmental work schedules.

Interceptor System Operations & Maintenance

-       Performs daily Diggers Hotline ticket screening through use of GIS mapping and interceptor knowledge. Responsible for 24/7/365 accurate and timely field locates to adequately protect NEW Water’s interceptor and force main systems from service area construction activities. 

-       Installs and operates portable flow meters and sampling equipment in support of sub-basin flow monitoring program.   

-       Conducts interceptor manhole inspections to support CMOM.  Identifies defects, makes repairs, and arranges for timely corrective repairs and/or replacement by contractors. Interceptor system defects are maintained within an Access database and kept current.

-       Performs preventive and corrective O&M including air relief devices. Responds according to preset system alarms to mitigate a sewer system overflow (SSO) event.

-       Responds to sewer system overflows (SSO) or significant precipitation events that produce high flow events.  SSOs are quickly identified, controlled, contained, corrected and reported as defined by NEW Water’s CMOM plan.

-       Identifies and monitors customer’s construction activities near or at our underground facilities.

-       Responds to residential or municipal system requests and concerns regarding sewer odors, sewerage backups and other miscellaneous questions. Arranges for municipal customer access to NEW Water’s manholes. 

-       Ensures proper operation of interceptor system conveyance alarms for the safe transfer of metro flow from the De Pere facility to the Green Bay facility.

Pretreatment Program Support

-       Schedules and conducts annual inspections of Significant Industrial User (SIU’s) facilities, monitors NEW Water’s sampling data and the industry’s self-monitoring data while proactively working with industry to ensure compliance with their issued discharge permit. 

-       Installs, operates, and collects accurate and quality wastewater compliance data as determined from the IPS schedule. Completes field reports and report out any significant anomalies that is accompanied with a properly completed chain-of-custody form. 

-       Resolves problems/issues and helps educate each industrial user’s representative regarding requirement of NEW Water’s Pretreatment Program.

-       Develops and maintains accurate SIU database files for each assigned SIU. Each file contains past annual inspections, past field reports, industrial representative(s), process type and diagram, chemicals stored and used and a template for consistent IPS monitoring equipment and setup among the FSTs.

-       Identifies new industries or changes to existing industries that should be inspected for inclusion into the Pretreatment Program.

Administrative Duties and Research and Development

-       Enters work order labor and materials in computerized maintenance management system.

-       Schedules and attends one-on-one meetings with Field Services Manager and completing individual’s performance goals that are aligned with department, division and the organization.

-       Actively participates in the design and review of infrastructure design projects, internal team projects and/or committees, as assigned.

-       Evaluates existing procedures, updates department documents, develops O&M and Lock-out/Tag-out SOPs, and training others.

-       Maintains the accurate accounting of the department’s fixed assets.

-       Identifies, orders, and receives supplies and equipment needed for normal operations and special projects.


-       Ensures that all NEW Water Safety and Security policies are followed.  Participate and complete monthly safety and security training, as determined by the Field Services Manager.

Job Qualifications

An Associate’s Degree in Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering or related field of study and 2 years of experience is required.  A completion of the Wisconsin Wastewater Operators State Apprenticeship Program may substitute for the Associate’s degree. Demonstrated aptitude in the areas of mechanical operation, mathematics, biology, and chemistry, or an equivalent combination of training and relevant experience. 


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July 2, 2019


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