Application Engineer - Clearas

CLEARAS Water Recovery

Job Title:                             Application Engineer

Supervisor Title:              Vice President of Project Delivery

FSLA Status:                       Exempt

EEOC Class:                         1520 – Professional, Civil Engineering

General Summary and Job Objectives:  The Application Engineer shall provide support on tasks associated with technical sales support, preliminary design, project cost estimating, preparation of technical specifications, project drawings, and project management. The role will report to Project Delivery (“PD”) but includes significant coordination with the Commercial Development (“CD”) team occasionally giving presentations, participating in conferences, supporting pilots, and working directly with the CD team to move customers through the “LOI to Contract” process. The Application Engineer works closely with the 3rd party engineering team as well as client consulting engineers on preliminary and final design support activities. The role supports the Operations and Technology Development teams on pilots, research and development, and other practical and real-world solutions. These responsibilities include assisting with the development of experiments, carrying out evaluations and testing, and developing new or refining existing technology components.


Essential Responsibilities and Duties


1.       Design and Engineering: Responsible for supporting project execution and technology advancement by problem solving with an engineering skill set.

a.       Develop and draft hydraulic design, equipment/plant layouts, process flow diagrams (PFD’s), process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s) and functional descriptions dependent on project and product requirements.

b.      Define component sizing and/or materials of construction for equipment design including pump systems, pipe systems, valves, and instrumentation.

c.       Provide/coordinate with the team to develop technical documents for engineering submittals, engineering drawings, CSI specifications for equipment, operating manuals, etc.

d.      Determine appropriate process solutions by performing calculations using standard tools.

e.      Participate in the process of evaluating, testing, specifying, and procuring equipment for CWR projects in coordination with the CD and PD teams (own the ABNR bill of materials).

f.        Provide technical problem solving and support to customers in all phases of product and service delivery.

g.       Support development of the Design Submittal package for client consulting engineer review in accordance with specifications.


2.       Commercial Development Support:  Responsible for supporting project development and closing contracts by assisting CD.

a.       Provide support in developing and refining the ABNR basis of design including the sales model, project design software, project costing, and other tools used by the sales department in the sales process.

b.      Review models, preliminary proposals, and assist in their preparation as requested.  Work with sales team to solve engineering and technical issues and respond to questions from sales reps, customers, consultants, or members of the sales team.

c.       Participate in direct sales activities including giving “brown-bag” presentations, meeting with clients, and presenting at conferences or other events, as assigned. 

d.      Coordinate with consultants on design issues, training, and engineering support.  Many consultants will consider ABNR to be “new technology” therefore it will be important to help them overcome technical hurdles, learning curve issues, and other support that we can provide to help move projects to final contracts.



3.       Technology Research and Product Development:  Responsible for supporting the advancement of the ABNR process and technology through constant improvements and refining:

a.       Participate and codify potential advancements/improvements of the ABNR process and materials as assigned.

b.      Participate in research and development efforts as CWR evolves and improves technology. 


4.       Project Management: Responsible for supporting project execution by providing leadership and support both internally and externally to CLEARAS.

a.       Support the PD team as needed in all aspects of Project Management, most importantly project design.

b.      Build/monitor/modify/report on project areas such as timelines, budgets, supply, operations, resources etc.

c.       Serve as a technical resource to the customer.

d.      Work with the client consulting engineer to solve technical problems that arise anywhere during the project cycle.


5.       Application Technician Support:  Responsible for supporting the Application Technicians as they execute pilots, which in turn are used to support CD in closing contracts.

a.       Continually train/transfer knowledge concerning the ABNR process and the wastewater industry to the Application Technicians in the field.

b.      Support the Application Technicians in the field, as needed, with technical issues, problem solving, and other support as requested or assigned.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1.       Strong problem-solving skills. Approach problems with confidence, interest in solutions, open-mindedness and a willingness and capacity to work in a team environment. 

2.       Highly adaptable and flexible to changing situations, schedules, demands of time, etc. 

3.       Positive attitude and intrinsically motivated to learn and improve.

4.       Organized and capable of succeeding in an analytical setting. Able to accurately record, interpret, and succinctly present data and technical information.

5.       Superior written and verbal communication skills. Can organize complex concepts into concise and easily digestible messages.  Adept at communicating to a diverse range of audiences.

6.       Able to execute complex tasks with limited guidance in a reliable and timely manner.   

7.       Comfortable working in a hands-on environment. 


Education and Experience:

1.       B.S. in civil engineering highly preferred or a related field (mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, biotechnology, chemistry, biology).

2.       P.E. designation preferred.

3.       Capabilities with a range of software including 5-10 years AutoCAD experience and MS Office products.

4.       5-10 years Wastewater experience.

5.       Product/system engineering experience preferred.

6.       Practical/real-world knowledge of system implementation will be viewed positively.

7.       Must be available for up to 25% travel.

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