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Wastewater Utility Technician - Oconomowoc

City of Oconomowoc

Wastewater Utility Technician

The City of Oconomowoc seeks a full-time Wastewater Utility Technician.  The Utility Technician efficiently operates and maintains the sanitary collection system, including pump stations, meter stations, and sanitary mains. Assists in treatment plant maintenance, operation, and repair.   Position requires experience in sanitary collection system and pump station … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 03-04-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 04-25-2019.

CWP Seasonal Laborer - Waukesha

City of Waukesha

CWP Seasonal Laborer
SALARY: $11.46 Hourly
OPENING DATE: 04/05/19
CLOSING DATE: 04/26/19 04:00 PM
Hourly rate: $11.46
The City of Waukesha Wastewater Plant is in need of summer workers to do basic
groundskeeping that would include mowing and trimming, building cleaning, painting, and
other miscellaneous … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-08-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 04-27-2019.

Maintenance Operator - Waukesha


invites applications for the position of:


Maintenance Operator




SALARY:                                 $52,560.00 - $70,955.00 Annually

OPENING DATE:                   04/05/19

CLOSING DATE:                    04/26/19 04:00 PM

This position performs skilled work to maintain the City's wastewater treatment facilities and biosolids processing equipment. This position also maintains the … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-10-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 04-27-2019.

Water Utility Operator - Lancaster

City of Lancaster


City of Lancaster (pop 3,862) is seeking a Water Utility Operator. Under the direction of the Lead Water Utility Operator the full-time water operator will:

Assist in the daily operations of the municipal water utility. This position will also assist in the operation of the municipal wastewater treatment … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-08-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-02-2019.

Seasonal – Wastewater Laborer - Appleton

City of Appleton


Seasonal – Wastewater Laborer

City of Appleton-Wastewater Treatment Plant


We are seeking a high-energy individual who wants experience in wastewater treatment.  This position is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of various buildings, rooms, and equipment; as well as helping with Utility Worker job duties as the need arises. … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-17-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-06-2019.

Public Works - Wastewater - Sussex

Village of Sussex

Public Works - Wastewater

The Village of Sussex (population 11,000) is hiring a full-time Public Works Employee to primarily assist the wastewater utility. The Village operates a grade 4 regional treatment facility serving residents in the Village of Sussex, Village of Lannon, Lisbon Sanitary District #1, Richmond School, and a … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-10-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-14-2019.

Sewer Operations Specialist - West Bend

City of West Bend

City of West Bend

Position Description

Purpose of Position:                                                          

The Operations Specialist is a full-time position in the Sewer Utility Division of Public Works.  This position will assist with the operation of the Sewer Utility.  This position will be required to perform heavy manual … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-17-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-17-2019.

Lead Wastewater Operator - FCPC Milwaukee

Forest County Potawatomi - Milwaukee

 Lead Wastewater Operator - Milwaukee


Benefit Package

·         Premium-free Health, Dental, and Vision insurance  for you and eligible dependents,

·         Minimal weekly premium for spouse

(We are the secondary provider, if your spouse has an option at their employer)

·         Generous 401K employer match

·         Starting with 5 weeks … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-18-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-18-2019.

Utility Plant Operator - Grafton

Village of Grafton

Come join our growing team of new and experienced employees!  The Village of Grafton is seeking to fill a full-time Utility Plant Operator position at its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The Village's Water and Wastewater Utility provides fresh water supply and sewage service to all Village residents and businesses. The … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-23-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-23-2019.

Water/Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator - New Lisbon

City of New Lisbon

The City of New Lisbon (population 2541) is accepting applications for the position of Water/Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator. Duties include assisting in the operation and maintenance of the New Lisbon water and wastewater departments by providing a safe and abundant supply of drinking water and clean and pollution-free water to … Read More

  • This position was posted on: 04-17-2019.
  • It will be removed on: 05-25-2019.