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Webinar Series: Reducing Phosphorus Discharges Through Low-Cost Operational Changes

Date: 11/05/2020 — 11/05/2020

Location: ONLINE

At wastewater treatment facilities across Wisconsin, nutrient removal has been a major focus for facility planning and operations following the 2010 phosphorus rule. Ten years later, many facilities have seen decreased limits for total phosphorus incorporated into their permits.  Many municipalities have focused on avoiding extensive facility upgrades (and associated expenses and user rate increases) through optimization of current treatment processes, alternative compliance options, and variances.  

To aid your efforts, Clean Water Ops, in partnership with WDNR and EPA, is offering a training opportunity on Thursday mornings throughout November and December.

Reducing Phosphorus Discharges Through Low-Cost Operational Changes

Training sessions will be facilitated by one of the nation’s premier experts – Grant Weaver of Clean Water Ops, who has helped facilities across the country reduce their nitrogen and phosphorus discharges using their existing facilities and equipment. Content will be oriented towards optimization of biological phosphorus removal at activated sludge wastewater treatment plants.  The training is free of charge and can be used to gain continuing education units (CEUs). Trainings will be completely virtual, but asking questions and discussion amongst participants is encouraged!

To register, see the registration webpage or use the link in the attached flyer.

Even if you can’t make the training, consider contributing to the national nutrient study:

EPA has launched the POTW Screener Questionnaire to collect basic information on treatment in place and wastewater characteristics on the more than 16,500 publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) nationwide. This voluntary questionnaire is the first phase of the National Study of Nutrient Removal and Secondary Technologies, and EPA intends to make the results available as an online searchable tool of technologies and operational strategies for nutrient removal optimization to share best practices among operators. Every plant operator is the expert for their plant, and EPA invites all operators to take the questionnaire today at:

Regions Participating: Southern, Southeast, Lake Michigan, West Central, North Central, Northwest