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North Central Region 3-7-2019 Meeting

Date: 03/07/2019

Location: North Central Technical College 1000 W Campus Drive Wausau, WI 54403


Hosted by: Rib Mountain Metropolitan Sewerage District

RMMSD is a publicly owned treatment works that services the residents and businesses of the Villages of Rothschild, Kronenwetter and Weston, the Rib Mountain Sanitary District, and the City of Mosinee. The annual average design flow of the facility is 4.41 million gallons per day (MGD). Grit and bar screenings are landfilled. Liquid treatment processes include influent pumping, screening and grit removal, primary sedimentation, activated sludge treatment with chemical phosphorus removal (Alum), final clarification and UV disinfection. The solids processing includes thickening by dissolved air floatation, primary and secondary anaerobic digestion and liquid sludge storage.

Contact Eric Donaldson (715) 359-7852 regarding local arrangements, and Ken Bloom, (715) 573-7394 regarding registration. Online registration is available. A 3% surcharge is added for online credit card transactions. No credit card registrations will be accepted on the day of the meeting.

Vendor display space is available at this location and door prize donations are very much appreciated. In consideration for all our wonderful vendor support, the Vendor Display Fee now includes one regular registration fee.

Vendors, even when registering online, please call Ken Bloom at (715) 573-7394 to reserve space. (You don’t want to get stuck with the little table!)

CEC’s will not be credited if the DNR Certification number is not submitted.  The number is on your operator’s certificate, or, go to the DNR homepage at and search keywords "Operator Certification".  

Attendees must sign out at meeting and tour to receive credits.



8:00        Registration Open

8:25        Welcome,

8:30        Wisconsin River TMDL, Kevin Hopkins, Strand Associates

9:30        Phosphorus credit trading, Chris Kopman and Jim Wallace, Newtrient

10:30     Break

10:45     Smartphone & Remote Access Options to your SCADA System, Dale Broeckert, PE - LW Allen, LLC

11:45     DNR Update, Nicholas Lindstrom, DNR Area Wastewater Engineer

12:00     Lunch

1:00        Business Meeting

1:15        Newly Developed Cloth Media and Innovative Pilot Testing to Replace your Tertiary Sand Filter, Matt Castillo, PE of MSA Professional Services

2:15        RMMSD overview, Eric Donaldson

3:00        Tour, RMMSD (bring your own eye and ear protection)


6.0 CEC’s available for Wastewater & General Septage



Regions Participating: Southern, Southeast, Lake Michigan, West Central, North Central, Northwest