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2019-2-21 Wisconsin Government Affairs Seminar

Date: 02/21/2019

Location: Marriot in Middleton, WI

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February 21, 2019 Wisconsin Government Affairs Seminar

The CSWEA-WI Section, WWOA, Wisconsin DNR, League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and Municipal Environmental Group-Wastewater Division are finalizing plans for the next Government Affairs Seminar scheduled for Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the Marriot in Middleton, WI.

This seminar will have updates on familiar topics like phosphorus compliance along with plenty of “breaking news.” Agenda items include:

-       Have we achieved the desired outcome with phosphorus regulations? What’s working and what’s next - perspectives from regulators, agricultural, and environmental advocacy group representatives

-       Updates and examples on water quality trading (it’s not just for phosphorus!)

-       EPA’s role and more on the variance process - chloride, mercury, and other

-       Operator certification and training

-       Creating workplace culture, empowering employees, working with multiple generations and retaining great operators

-       New developments in biosolids management and forming partnerships with agriculture

-       Compounds of emerging concern like PFAS

-       A jam-packed DNR update on new and pending regulations

The seminar will have something for everyone, whether your facility is large or small, and whether you are a regulator, operator, manager, or consultant. Experts will be available to field questions throughout the day.

Stay tuned for conference agenda and registration information, which will be sent by email and will be posted on CSWEA-WI ( ) and WWOA ( websites.  Help us spread the news of the seminar to make this the best year ever!

Regions Participating: Southern, Southeast, Lake Michigan, West Central, North Central, Northwest